Yearly Archive: 2002


In their own way and style, the followers of every religion call upon the one God who is omnipresent. It is the same God who confers upon all mankind health, prosperity, peace, and happiness.

Prasna Upanishad—Answers to the Fourth and Fifth Students’ Questions

Remove the impurities of the mind; Fill your heart with supremely pure feelings. The eye of wisdom will reveal to you that The world is filled with the light of Brahman.  Why does a

Carols In the Rain

During darshan at Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s ashram, throngs of people sit in lines and wait for Him to appear. There is complete silence as He walks by, talking to someone here, taking

Small Teachings

What is the use of searching for quiet in the jungle of the world when it is available only in the silence of inner awareness? It is like losing something in your room and searching

Is a Path Needed?

Q:    Baba! Your advent has been a great landmark in human history. A:    Millions come to me, but few give me their attention. It is a matter of demand and supply. God

Gita—The Song of Life

Sai Sarathi, from this issue onward, is pleased to present the serialized poem, The Song of Life, composed by Sri N. Kasturi in the last years of his life. He also wrote Sathyam Sivam

Fun With Sai

Baba’s Car Gets the Pranams  One day in the mountains of Kodaikanal, Baba’s red Mercedes came down to the main road. Devotees were across the lake about a kilometer away. As soon as Baba’s

Lessons From the Little Ants

Ants are constantly absorbing themselves in useful work for the good of their group. Take up or continue doing a useful job in your life. As a true Christian, (followers of Christ—Christ means he

Do not be Despondent or Idle

You are all My limbs, nourished by Me. You constitute the Sai body. Sai will send you sustenance, wherever you are, whatever your function, provided you give Sai the things Sai considers sweet and

Importance of Taal and Shruti in Bhajans

Swami says that bhajan is a very important part of devotion. Devotees know how blissful He is during bhajans. The following article offers good advice for bhajan leaders and “repeaters” during the upcoming Akhanda