Monthly Archive: February 2002

Unity and Purity: Message of Ramzan

In July 1983, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba spoke about the significance of fasting, and other observances of the holy month of Ramzan. He emphasized that all religions teach that the way to attain

Small Teachings

You use a mosquito net to avoid being bitten. As long as you have the net, no matter how many mosquitoes there are outside, you don’t have to worry. However, if mosquitoes are inside

Love is the Key

Man is so designed that he can derive ananda (bliss), and maintain it, only  through association with his kind. To divest oneself of all contacts with others and tread a lonely path is a

Let Us Go to Parthi

Let us go where children are singing And the mountains are echoing back, Where the breeze of ecstasy Is anxious to soothe and cure, Where the Mansion of Peace and Love Is towering majestic

What is True Fearlessness?

Once a mendicant with tattered clothes, unkempt hair, and dirty body, came and stood at the threshold of Chaitanya’s room and was meditating with closed eyes. On seeing him, Chaitanya came out and asked

Friend, Do not Tarry

Does life have meaning, or it is simply a  purposeless sojourn on earth? Are we merely driven like dumb cattle from the cradle to the grave? What is the journey like? It is only


Self-inquiry is not a regular practice for most of us. It requires a change from our present way of being so involved with the world that we never take the time to ask ourselves

Fun With Sai

Splendor The contrasts can be mind-bending. Some years ago, when Baba visited the Himalayas with a party of chosen disciples, they all behaved like excited boys in the unfamiliar snow. Baba threw snowballs at

Sacrifice is Essential for Spirituality

Charity is giving of money, time, or energy for a good cause; sacrifice is giving up of one’s bad traits and weaknesses. If sacrifice means just giving up of hearth and home, many people