Monthly Archive: July 2002

The Guru Within

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba spoke on Guru Poornima in 1990. He said that we must not look for a guru outside of ourselves, but should turn our search inwards to find the personal


In the following discourse, Swami describes the birth of Lord Krishna. He throws light on various symbolisms, such as why Krishna was the eighth child. This year Krishnashtami [the day His birth is celebrated] is on

Kena Upanishad

Where do you search endlessly, O crazy mind, For the vision of the Lord? Brahman is within you! Recognize this truth and see Him within yourself. Sai’s words reveal the path of truth. Love

Tailored Advice

In the following story, Swami shows that in dealing with devotees, the Lord has to maintain a balance and each is dealt with differently, according their needs. Whether in olden times or nowadays, there

Small Teachings

The consequences of action can be wiped out only through action, as a thorn can be removed only by means of another. Do good action to assuage the pain of bad action committed by

Puja Pain

This story was narrated by Bhagavan during the Summer Course in ’79. It relates to the folly of worshipping a guru but not following his teachings. Once there was a noble guru who had a

Surrender to the Guru

Give the guru your mind, as you would entrust gold to the goldsmith. The guru may need to melt, mold, or beat your mind, but do not worry, as He will return to you