Monthly Archive: November 2002

Do not be Despondent or Idle

You are all My limbs, nourished by Me. You constitute the Sai body. Sai will send you sustenance, wherever you are, whatever your function, provided you give Sai the things Sai considers sweet and

Importance of Taal and Shruti in Bhajans

Swami says that bhajan is a very important part of devotion. Devotees know how blissful He is during bhajans. The following article offers good advice for bhajan leaders and “repeaters” during the upcoming Akhanda

When You Pass By

Beautiful buds dance, Fair flowers smile Green gardens bloom. Wild winds soften, Rapid streams pause Dull darkness departs Angry clouds brighten Wavering minds stay Showers of love do drop Thirsty hearts are quenched; Lamps

The Higher Education

This article is excerpted from a discourse by Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba to the women in Anantapur College on the values and qualities to be cultivated by women. Education must help weaken all

Swami’s Gifts of Prayer

The following excerpt is taken from Loving God by N. Kasturi, published by the Sri Sathya Sai Books and Publications Trust. The author shares his personal experienceon how Swami teaches us to pray. The

Beloved Swami

Baba is so good He helps us with all things We just can’t realize All the love He brings He comes in form or formless Really, it is true You may not notice it

With You, Within You

Q: Swami! I wish to settle down here, at Puttaparthi, which is my real home. Baba: The repose of the wave is in the ocean, which is its support and sustenance. Your home is

The Greatest Devotee

At Kodaikanal, Baba spoke about Arjuna’s ego, to show that even great people in a moment of ignorance can make mistakes. One day, Arjuna asked Lord Krishna, “My dear Lord, do You have a