Monthly Archive: March 2003

Thieves or Masters?

On March 1st this year, the holy festival of Mahasivarathri will be observed around the world. Here Bhagavan Sri Sathya SaiBaba reiterates the real meaning of the various disciplines sages have exhorted us to

God’s Will Ultimately Prevails

Embodiments of Love! You are all the embodiments of the Trinity. You are the embodiments of the three attributes (trigunas). You must propitiate Lord Siva to achieve the purity of the heart, for Siva

Taittiriya Upanishad

Social norms of behavior have drowned in the Ganga. Contentment has disappeared from the minds of people. Morality, character, and human values are shattered. Men have lost their humanness. Everyone needs food to survive.

Gita—The Song of Life

Sri Krishna encourages us to actively perform our daily chores and follow His example to work for the welfare of humanity. He asks us to be sthithaprajna—a person who is firm in mind and

Crocodile Jaws

I am a registered medical practitioner, engaged in a long-term practice at Uravakonda,  Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh [Southern India]. During a time of difficult circumstances and their effects on me, I once became involved in

Think Before You Ask

As Baba entered the premises of Dharmakshetra in Bombay,  He saw the drilling team who were going to drill for water. The person in charge of the team asked, “Swami, can we drill here?”

Facets of Dharma

There are seven facets to dharma [right action] just as there are seven colors contained in the rays of the sun. The first facet of dharma is truth. The second facet is good character.