Monthly Archive: April 2003

Relevance of Ramayana to Modern Life

Ramanavami (the birth of the Ramavatar) falls on April 11 this year. In emphasizing the importance of Rama, Swami has said: “The entire universe is under the control of God. God is governed by

The Apology

In late summer of 1985 I visited a few relatives and friends in Germany. While in Hamburg, I saw an old friend who owns and runs a small goldsmith shop and studio close to

Human Values in Daily Life

Sathya Sai Baba says, “The inner meaning of all spiritual discipline is to make man realize  his true nature.” What is this true nature? Baba says that we are God, not different from God.

Baba Answers

Q: Baba! Please tell us how you are attained. I find my sadhana [spiritual efforts] infructuous. A: I know you are inflicting many austerities on yourself. I must tell you that I am attained

Actions Determine Grace

Sincere effort and actual activity entitle you to the grace of God. When Jesus Christ entered the precincts of the Temple of Jerusalem and found people sacrificing doves and other living beings to God,

Gita—The Song of Life

Sri Krishna explains to Arjuna that He comes down as an ‘avatar’—divine incarnation—to protect the good and the righteous and to destroy evil. He leads people on the path of peace and prosperity, perfection

Four by Six

Bhagavan Baba received a complaint that spiritual life is complicated and difficult. He responded by saying that on the contrary it is worldly life which is complicated and difficult, whereas spiritual life is easy,

Fun With Sai

Once a few of us were sitting on the verandah at Whitefield in Bangalore, Swami very graciously joined the group and narrated the following story: There was a king who asked a Pandit as

Jesus’s Life

The true significance of these three statements is: “To love God” is to be His messenger. “To be loved by God” is to be a son of God. The final state is to be