Monthly Archive: May 2003

Gita—The Song of Life

Sri Krishna tells Arjuna that action [karma] cannot be avoided. Even the simple acts of maintaining our bodies are actions. We must discriminate and not follow our desires and fancies, but master them and

Spiritual Practices for All 

 In His discourse to Bala Vikas teachers in 1978, Bhagavan Baba said that young people must be led into good ways of living, into simplicity, humility, and discipline by their teachers. The advice He

Mother’s Responsibility

A woman is like a field, while man is just like a seed. If we do not have a field, the seed cannot sprout. For all life on earth, woman is responsible. Great people,

Steps in the Dance of Life

The following article is excerpted from the book, Easwaramma, The Chosen Mother, about Swami’s own mother. In the book, author N. Kasturi paints a striking picture of how the Avatar taught an ordinary mother to be

Mother’s Role

Lord Krishna visited Queen Gandhari, the mother of the Kauravas in the epic Mahabharatha,  to console her after the Kurukshetra battle. She accused him, saying, “Since you are God,  how could you be so