Monthly Archive: June 2003

Karma and Divine Grace

In the following discourse, Baba explains the importance of action in our lives. No event is coincidental. Everything happens in response to the actions we perform. So we must be very careful in performing

The Drop & The Ocean

In one of his longer poems, Tennyson describes prayer as a moment when “the man in God and the God in man” meet. He must have dimly seen what Baba puts so clearly and

Why Spirituality?

A life of spirituality, or a spiritual life, means one devoted to earnest effort for realizing and uniting with the Divine. The term spiritual life in itself may sound somewhat like emphasizing the obvious. For

Ashok Kumar and The Vow

The three-wheeled scooter driver, Ashok Kumar, age 21, was not honest. He cheated his customers every time, charging them too much. One day he took a customer to Golf Links (an elite locality of

Loving Care

In the following article Ms. S. D. Krystal from Pacific Palisade, a long time devotee of Bhagavan Baba, shares her experience with Swami, who protects His devotees like a loving and caring mother. We

Gita—The Song of Life

Sri Krishna tells Arjuna to master the mind by dhyana (contemplation or intense concentration) and derive jnana (wisdom and understanding) and bhakti (devotion, adoration and emotional yearning). In chapter nine He tells us that

Worry: Bhagavan’s Recipe

In an interview in 1989, Swami told me, “Don’t worry. Always think of God, I am always with you. Have a happy and healthy life.” I am sure He tells this to thousands of

What Does God Want From Us

Establish your mind and intelligence in Me. If you cannot accomplish this and find it difficult, give up your egoism and carry on activities that are moral and holy. If even this is too