Monthly Archive: July 2003

The Preceptor as God

Baba says that the role of a guru is vital. He is the one who opens the inner eye and shows the way to joy and happiness. Therefore, Guru Poornima is celebrated each year

Yearning, Surrender and Grace 

Kanaka was born into a low caste. He was an ardent devotee, yearning in unbearable anguish to see Krishna. So, he went to Udipi, where there is a famous Krishna Temple established by the

He is Compassion

Whenever I picture Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba as Premaswarupa (Embodiment of Divine love), three examples of His abounding love occur to me. Every word, every gesture, every look of His is suffused with

Sai Krishna

This is a story about Krishna. In a way, the story was not completed until November, 1975.  A number of years ago, I was in Bhagavan’s car. He was in the rear seat with


Swami teaches that devotion is one of the five Ds, along with duty, discipline, discrimination, and determination. But why? Why is devotion so important in our search for God and in our efforts to

Sweet Sai Sweet Self

I was sitting on the veranda of the temple at Prasanthi Nilayam, lost within myself, when suddenly I opened my eyes and found Swami standing in front of me. He said, “Drucker, what do you

Small Teachings

“All men of all countries form one caste.  Keep this truth firmly in your heart.  You must recognize that the birth as a human being is a rare occurrence.  Consider time as valuable.  Heart

Gita—The Song of Life

Krishna explains to Arjuna the importance of the word OM, called pranava, the symbol of Brahman. This sacred word is made up of A— creation, U— Preservation, and M— destruction which also represents Sat-Chit-Ananda

Earnest Devotion & Faith

A clever villager used to enter the village temple in the early hours of the day and sit on, with eyes closed, in the hope that people will honor him as a great devotee.