Monthly Archive: February 2004

Human Life

Human birth is some sort of a special opportunity to get free from birth and death. Only on earth may an escape from birth and death take place. In no other plane or region

Deathless Though Dead

On the sacred occasion of Mahasivaratri at Prasanthi Nilayam, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba in the ensuing discourse urges devotees to transcend body-consciousness and realize that we are spiritual beings that are deathless. He

“I Know, I Know Everything”

Sri Gangeya, an engineer by profession, was born and raised in Sri Lanka. He later migrated to the U.S. and is currently the devotion coordinator at the Flushing Sai Center, New York. He has

His Healing Touch

Four years ago, my only son (now 10 years of age) had a severe scald, when he slipped into boiling sugar cane juice, his right forearm being badly affected. He could not bear the

The Punkhawala

It was the hour when man, bird, and beast were still wrapped in sleep. Everything had melted in the thick darkness. The train was speeding along like a spangled snake, along the sub-Himalayan jungle

Small Teachings

Just as the rays of the sun absorb water vapor from the sea, gather them into clouds, and drop them as rain on earth so that they may flow as rivers back into the

Unbelievable Prophecy

Is it true? Can it be true? A boy calling himself Sai Baba! And consoling the dispirited, curing the ill, exorcising ghosts and teaching the old! I heard of this 16-year-old prodigy and entered

Fun with Sai

Why the Form Bhagavan Baba is a unique incarnation of the supreme power whose purpose in taking human form is to make mankind realize the self within which is the eternal reality. Even while

Like a Child

Like a child I run to The With singing inner smile; I clap Thy mystery Like poet his dreamy thrill. Decked in simplicity, Clothed in dedication, I embrace Thy beauty With psychic intuition. I

Watch the Company we Keep

The easiest and most fruitful method of keeping yourself free from dust and rust is satsang (holy company). The company of the good and the godly will slowly and surely chasten and cleanse the