Monthly Archive: July 2004

Voices and the Voice

In this discourse, delivered on Gurupoornima in 1974, Sai Baba says it is ignorance of the One that leads man to the dichotomy of guru and disciple. Who is the guru and who is

The Onam Festival

Onam, a festival of Kerala State, is marked by games, sports, literary contests, dance, and drama. On this occasion, all family members, wherever they are scattered, come together at the family shrine for prayer,

“A Devotee’s Diary”

Sonya Burke went from Arkansas in the U.S. to spend six months at the Lotus Feet of Bhagavan Baba. Here she shares some of her experiences, including watching a play with Baba. I had the

Heartfelt Prayer Brings Grace

In the following story, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba emphasizes love and yearning as key to drawing God’s grace.   The mind is allowed to wander and engage itself in external exercises like japa [repetition

Mansur’s Saga

In Northern India, there was once a Muslim called Mansur. From his childhood he was constantly meditating on God. Although he belonged to a poor family, his parents wanted him to have a good


The devotee is ever conscious that the universe is a manifestation of the Divine and is permeated by the Divine. His life is based on the recognition of the immanence of God in everything.