Monthly Archive: November 2005

Birthday Message [Janamdin Upadesh]

Sleep much, you become dull, Eat less, of joy be full Talk much and earn a turgid brain; Reduce desire and goodness attain. Be composed—how well you shine! Be angry—how fast you decline! Contentment

Glorious Days With Bhagavan

In professor Kasturi’s autobiography, “Loving God”, which Bhagavan released on Christmas day, 1982, he provides intimate glimpses of early days with the Avatar. A very close devotee of Baba, Kasturi relates in his own

Divinity Through Love

Men and women of many faiths From the four corners of the world Have gathered here with love and humility, Unmindful of comfort or discomfort, Enduring numerous travails, All for the sake of Baba’s

What Bhagavan Means to Them

The following article describes the impact of Bhagavan Baba and His teachings on overseas young adults over the past two decades. The account highlights some of the profound personal transformations the young devotees experience even

Who is Sai Baba

A devotee finds that one’s inner journey ends with Baba. It is a true homecoming. Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba—He is the very meaning of Life. I could not forget Swami from the first time

Experiencing the Avatar: A Priest’s Insight 

In the following excerpt from his autobiography, an Italian catholic priest, Don Mario Mazzoleni, chastises those who fault Bhagavan Baba and His mission, pointing out that the world has a history of misunderstanding and

 He Has Come!

In this talk before Baba, the late Howard Murphet, world-famous Australian writer, makes a striking comparison between Swami and Jesus, and he sums up the significance of Christmas in one sublime word. Christmas at Puttaparthi!

Sai Mata

Years ago, when some one suggested the title; “Sathya Sai mata” for a picture in which He is seen fondling a little child, Baba said. “Name it Sathya mata for this is the sathya

Let the Divinity Within Shine

My dear! All are our fellow passengers, are travelers—all life, plants, animals, not only my bhakta [devotees] but our brother brute, our brother plant, not only our brother the good, but our brother the