Monthly Archive: March 2006

What is a New Year?

In the following discourse, delivered more than three decades ago, on the occasion of the Telegu New Year day, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba calls on His devotees to recognize the brotherhood of man

“Life is an Airplane”

Manish Sarma (in XII standard), who spoke at one of the meetings last June in the Prasanthi Mandir, compared life to an airplane. He is the son of a pilot in the Indian Airlines

Greatest Australian Miracle

Early in 1976, my wife and I became acquainted with Pearl Harrison, a retired secretary of the medical faculty of a Sydney university. At first we thought this was just a chance meeting, but

Amazing Transformation and Divine Miracle

This is the story of Swami’s magnificent grace played out in the tiny village of Melakavatti, 10 kilometers from Ooty in Tamil Nadu, India. Three hundred families live in this picturesque valley surrounded by

Our Beloved

The full, cosmic, universal being descend-s into the human form, the Avatar, the scriptures declare. But we need to under-stand the word in the right perspective. What induces the Most High, the Universal Mind,

How the Lord Sees and Hears

“How often did you lose faith in God?   Or chide Him for not granting your desires? How often did you silently meditate On the supreme Lord and the supreme Goal of Life? How

Precious Time

The god of death is called Kaala, time. Time is the god of death; time knows no mercy; when the time is over, you have to leave. Each day, your span is shortened by


Question: Swami, we hear that [in the epic Mahabharata] Arjuna was the only one capable of breaking through and emerging victorious from the Padmavyuha—the lotus-like military formation or maneuver—set up as a death trap.