Monthly Archive: April 2006

Advice to Seekers

The following article is from a discourse by Bhagavan Baba on the occasion of Good Friday in 1975. He says that the first step to self-realization is self-confidence, which we all have to develop

Lessons of the Ramayana

The following excerpts from Baba’s speeches highlight how an Avatar’s [Rama’s] life is the message. Rama embodied dharma, the right path. Rama kept and upheld dharma by His adherence to truth, the given word, and

Heart to Heart

The children in Indian orphanages are the greatest healers in the world. They perform the most complex psychological feats of healing without ever earning any degrees or attending any seminars. They heal with a

Baba on Hanuman’s Greatness

Sri Anil Kumar, the official translator of Bhagavan Baba, asked Swami the following question:  Swami! In the [epic scripture] Ramayana, the role of Hanuman is very prominent. He is the best example of dasyabhakti—devotion

The Essence of Rama

Rama’s equanimity Here is an illustration of this truth: When the people of Ayodhya came to know that Rama [their king] was leaving for the forest, a poor aged brahmin lamented, “I hear Rama

Oneness With God

The Lord of the universe remains unseen like the thread that holds the gems in a necklace. He is the cosmic consciousness, the supreme spirit (atman) that pervades the entire universe. Embodiments of love!


Question:  Swami, Vibhishana was a rakshasa [with demonic qualities]; yet he was a devotee of Rama. Kindly tell us about Vibhishana. Bhagavan: Vibhishana’s case is one of unique devotion to Rama. God is unconcerned