Monthly Archive: May 2006

Easwaramma—a Mother’s Life with the Lord

People from all over the world honor the pious, righteous mother Easwaramma for gifting mankind with Sri Sathya Sai, the Avatar [incarnation of God] of the Kaliyuga [Iron Age, also known as the age

The Divine Mother

A mother’s love is pure, infinite, precious, and unconditional. Since ancient times, mothers have been worshiped and they took great care of their children. She is the only one who bears, fosters, and moulds a

The Mother

The author reminds us of the role of Sai as the mother in our lives. She pleads with us to recognize the compassion of Mother Sai, which surpasses the love of physical mothers. Although she uses

The Woodcutter’s Delusion

This is a story that Bhagavan Baba has narrated to illustrate how we have ignored spiritual teachings while leading a mundane life.  A king was out hunting in the forest. Pursuing deer, he went too

All Religions are the Same

There is not one dharma [right action] for Indians and another for Westerners. Dharma is universal. Yes, there is a test that may be applied to any action and you may thereby determine if

Found My Mother at Last

Oh, Mother, why have you abandoned me? You are all I have; why are you not here? Where can I go? To whom can I turn? Without your protection, I’m enveloped in fear. I