Monthly Archive: July 2006

The Sadguru Speaks

The path to God lies within—in overcoming animalistic tendencies and in understanding the oneness of the universal and individual self and nature. In this discourse delivered on the holy day dedicated to the worship of

The Gopis’ Pure Love

January 8, 1976 My dear Boys, Accept my love, really, there is no comparison to gopis’ love. Their love stands alone, above every other kind of devotion. When Krishna left Brindavan and went to

Madhura Bhakti

Bhagavan Baba says that mellifluous devotion or madhura bhakti is the final stage in the experience of merging in God. He says this love is without any blemish and the being is completely dedicated

The Ganesha Principle

In this discourse on Ganesha Chaturathi, Swami tells us how the Mahabharata was written by Ganesha and dictated by Vyasa. The sacred occasion is on August 27th this year. The world has many exemplary

Son and Father

Baba has a way of being so close to us, so completely with us, yet the next moment being so far away. Who could know where to look for Him, much less reach Him?

Significance of Human Life

What are the main causes of ill health? Millions of living beings grouped as species dwell on the earth; they sustain themselves by means of food secured from nature, as provided by nature. It