Monthly Archive: September 2006

God Knocks, Asks, and Gives

Onam, the name given to the festival that is celebrated with great joy by Keralites [people from the Indian state of Kerala], is derived from the Sanskrit words sravanam [listening to the glory of

Part of the Task

Scribed five decades back by a devotee uniquely blessed to be with both Shirdi Baba and Sathya Sai, the article captures the expression of the Divine’s ultimate love for His flock. In both incarnations, Baba repeatedly

Follow His Footprints

In the following discourse Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba explains various concepts from two perspectives: the earthly (external) one and the divine (inner) one.  Sastry [a learned devotee who had spoken before Swami’s discourse] described

Hard Nuts to Crack

As compared with the previous three yugas (ages), the people of the current Kaliyuga (literally, the age of wickedness) are more difficult to impress. They have strayed too far from the divine path; even

Light in Darkness

Light meditation is a meditation technique that helps you connect with your inner spirit—your essence or core self. It uses the light that is already within you as an object of focus. It’s a fairly

Education Without Character

Modern parents want their children to pursue only job-oriented education. But what is the use of that education which does not bring about transformation in children? Neither are the children themselves benefited by this

Sai & His Devotees

Question: Swami, in Your organization or Your institutions, workers, students, teachers, devotees, and doctors always dress in white. Why? Bhagavan: White symbolizes purity and cleanliness. A pure white cloth may be compared to a