Monthly Archive: November 2006


Swami has said that Jesus announced himself as a messenger of God. He spent many years in austerities so that he could shower compassion and love on all humanity. Later, Jesus asked himself, “Am

The Lord

Ten years ago I stood face to face with the Lord. I feel as if it is just today, just now; I see so clearly that Divine form standing before me—frail, graceful, gentle, yet

Food and Health

The following article is excerpted from a discourse by Bhagavan Baba givento His devotees on the Hospital Day celebrations in September 1979. Every activity of man is dependent on the energy he derives from

The Inner Melody

In the following advisory that appeared in Sanathana Sarathi [newsletter from Prasanthi Nilayam], Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba encourages devotees to actively participate in bhajans [devotional singing]. By the same token, He categorically cautions

Worship the Lord’s Feet

Realize and understand fully well that the only royal path to reach God is the path of prema (love). You will be able to taste this sweet honey of prema only at the lotus

The Glory of Bala Sai

Published four decades ago, this article from one of Bhagavan Baba’s teachers gives us a snapshot of His Divinity in the early years of the Advent. These episodes underscore His protective grace on those who surrender

How to Use the Avatar

The way in which the Avatar has to be used for one’s liberation and uplift is: watch His every step, observe His actions and activities, follow the guiding principles of which His life is

Unity and Purity: Message of Ramzan

Bhagavan says that the truth proclaimed by all religions is one and the same. The ultimate goal of all religions is the same—to cure man of his follies and make him a real human being.