Monthly Archive: April 2008

The New Year Day

Devotees at Prasanthi Nilayam celebrated the Lunar New Year Day, the first day of the year Plava, on Friday, March 17th. During the morning bhajan [devotional singing] session, Sri Sathya Sai Baba graciously gave

The Search for Sita

For the last three days, the pundits [learned persons] who spoke here have been discoursing on the Ramayana [an epic about Rama]. This is understandable in the case of a specialist like Dikshit [a

The Voice of Youth

Sri Umamaheswara Rao, age 18, a student in Sri Sathya Sai College of Arts and Science, addressed a huge gathering in the Divine Presence at `Shivam’, Hyderabad City on the Telugu New Year Day.

The Nine Steps

Sri Ramachandra responded to the enquiry of Shabari, the simple ardent devotee, and named the nine steps in the path which will take man to the Lord: Shravanam Kirtanam Vishnusmaranam Padasevanam Vandanam Archanam Dasyam

Be Determined To Reach The Goal

A resolute nature, in other words, the quality of determination and being endowed with a firm resolve, is the precondition for developing patience. Now, a resolute nature should not be associated with a stubborn

Understand the Reality of Paramatma

Bhakta: Swami, faith in the Lord too diminishes sometimes. What is the reason for that? Swami: When one is deluded by the mere external world and when one does not attain success in such