Monthly Archive: July 2008

Roots into the Deep

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, in His discourse on Guru Poornima [the day when the guru or teacher is venerated], said that recitation of the Lord’s name, penance, worship, and vows or disciplines all

The Malady of Egoism

Egoism, that satanic thing that lurks within us like an ever-present shadow of evil, is what prevents us from realizing the unity of God and His creation. Egoism makes us think that, as individual


i often wondered what i would save in the event of a fire we all stared in shock and disbelief rooted to the concrete pavement as menacing black crouching dragons mushroomed bombing the shivering horizon spewing red

The Love of the Gopis

Bhagavan Baba has spoken about the gopis and their devotion to Lord Krishna on Krishna Janam Ashtamis [the day He was born] past. He has said that the inner eye and the inner senses are

Listen To Your Heart

Sweetness flows from Sathya Sai Baba. It is a full and steady stream from which all weary wayfarers may surely quench their thirsty hearts. “Love all and serve all,” He says. Love all and

Man’s Sorrow, Delight, and Infatuation

What is the cause for man’s sorrow, delight, and infatuation? The cause can be traced to the different kleshas (sorrows) that afflict man from time to time. The first sorrow that afflicts man is