Monthly Archive: January 2009

Ask for Me

In the following discourse Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba says that we are not taking full advantage of His being amongst us. We ask Him for petty trivial worldly pleasures when all that we

Two Conversations

There were more people than usual at Brindavan today. The bhajans continued without intermission even after Baba had come amongst us and returned to His residence. The cold spell had modified, the sky was

I Asked Swami…

In my prayer: I asked Swami to let me see truth with His eyes, and to let me know truth with His mind. I begged Swami: to allow me to experience true love with

Unity is Divinity

At a Divine discourse on India’s Independence day this year, Baba drove home to us the importance of unity through a very simple and striking example. He asked how it was possible for England,

Take Me as the Ultimate Goal

The contemplation of the Godhead as ‘above and beyond all attributes’ is necessary for the attainment of jivanmukti (attainment of liberation while in the body). If that is difficult and beyond your capacity, you

How do we see our divinity

Hislop: Eyes see body. How does one see God Himself? Sai: In order to see the moon, does one need a torch? It is by the light of the moon that one sees the