Monthly Archive: February 2009

Love the Source of Love

Bhagavan Baba exhorts devotees to seek the true source of love—God Himself who is immanent in every being in this world. In this Shivaratri discourse from more than four decades back, Baba encourages everyone

Portal of Service

Dr. Savithri, M.B.B.S, an experienced gynecologist, has been serving the Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital in Whitefield, India, for almost three decades. She is currently Senior Resident Doctor at Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital,

A Spiritual Workshop

Dr. Kamala is a doctor at the General Hospital who has dedicated her whole life to serving the Lord by serving the patients at the hospital. She describes the Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital

Why Fear?

“Why fear, when I am here?” is an assurance that Baba often grants to those who hesitate to accept His word about the fulfillment of some wish of theirs. While at Shirdi, Baba put

The Laws of Action

Karma [action] is the action principle of the universe; every cause has its effect, every action has its reaction. The law of karma is a comprehensive law embracing all action in all the planes

Liberate from Narrowness

Who could have foreseen that these minute specks of life (amoebae) could hold out against the gigantic onslaught of molten lava and earth-shaking upheaval?  That speck of chaitanya, or life-consciousness, won through, nevertheless. Undeterred