Monthly Archive: June 2009

Immortal Devotees of the Lord

The inextricable relationship between the devotees and the Lord, a relationship maintained by unassailable and unflinching faith on one side and a continuous and loving care for the devotee on the other, was the

The Illegal Interview

Ed Loriot, a founding member of the Manhattan Sai Center in New York, has been with Swami since 1974. He has made over 30 trips to Baba and had His grace interacting with Him

The ‘I’ Surgeon Comes to Sai

I was told that vibhuti [holy ash] was appearing on a picture of Sathya Sai Baba in a devotee’s home. Out of curiosity I went to see, doubting the truth of it. When I reached

Mahamahima Manusha Vigraha

My first encounter with the glorious Sai phenomenon goes back to the early sixties. It was by sheer accident that I ended up on a Mahashivaratri day at Prasanthi Nilayam during a visit to

Butterfly Satsang

Last night when I came home, I noticed a very delicious fragrance enveloping me. The jasmine is not in bloom, so I knew it couldn’t be that stealing through window drafts, and the incense

Take the Middle Path

It is advisable to all to follow the middle path, ‘athi sarvatra vajayeth’ is an ancient axiom; it means, ‘avoid excess, in all places.’ You must respect the limits set by the experience of

Traits of Character to be Avoided

Q. Swami! What are the traits of character that we have to avoid, that is to say, which are the obstacles in the path of one who seeks liberation from the cycle of birth