Monthly Archive: April 2010

The Path of Devotion

The following is an extract from a discourse that Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba gave during the celebration of the Hindu Samaj [Hindu society] completing sixty years in an atmosphere of shanti [peace]. The society

The Light of Love

I was among over a thousand delegates from India and many other countries who had the rare fortune to hear Baba make His wondrous declaration to the whole world on May 17th [1968]. As I

Victims of Ignorance

Some people [victims of ignorance] say that Swami does magic, and I agree with them. Swami Himself says that God is a magician and I know that Swami is God. The Lord created this

God in Human Form

God is formless and with form, too; He transcends both form and formlessness. God with form is visible, we can touch Him and feel Him and be aware of His presence. Such is Bhagavan


The late Sri Ratan Lal, a devotee of Bhagavan Baba, used to speak to the foreigners who came to Puttaparthi for Baba’s darshans. The following essay has been excerpted from those talks. That which exists

Elimination of the Mind

In Bhagavan Baba’s teachings we often encounter expressions like “elimination of the mind,” “conquest of the mind,” etc. But what does it mean? It is difficult to understand, and to a Westerner it sounds

Baba’s Feet

  “I shall certainly come to your house.” “Mention the exact date, Swami! Why is it that You do not give the date? You simply promise to come, some time or another. For more

Games the Mind Plays

Life sustained by food is short; life sustained by the atman (Divine Spirit) is eternal. Do not lay claim to long life, but to divine life. Do not pine for more years on earth,


Q. Is there any mantra or japa that will give us this shanti state that you spoke about just now? If there is any, which is the important one? A. Mantra and japa are