Monthly Archive: July 2010

Manifest the Divine within You

In this remarkable discourse, Bhagawan Sri Sahya Sai Baba entreats devotees to constantlyoperate with the conviction that they are ever in the presence of God. Baba emphasizes the ever-present state of God in our lives

Swami, The Grand Project Manager

Om Sri Sairam! My dear readers, loving Sairam to all of you. I would like to take you through a sojourn that some of us have been enjoying, and soon all of us will.


What does ‘incarnating’ mean? It is God appearing on earth Filled with affection and love For mankind, everywhere— Divine consciousness in human form. Bharat [India] has gained wide renown through many sons and daughters

Does God Look for His Devotee?

All  appear  as devotees and all proclaim their spirit of sacrifice. Everyone declares himself or herself as a sadhaka (spiritual aspirant). Every believer claims that he is seeking God. One must enquire whether it