Yearly Archive: 2011

Birthday Sparks

In this seminal discourse delivered 50 years back on His birthday, our dear Swami hands to us two keys to His heart: equanimity amidst life’s vicissitudes and total empathy with others’ joys and sorrows. 

Sai’s Grace Through Test of Illness

I am an American married to a Tamil man from Kodaikanal. In my first years with Swami, I spent a lot of time in Puttaparthi, but later Kodaikanal became the venue for most of the

Supreme Love

In this discourse, delivered three decades ago during Christmas, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba offers His quintessential message—imbibe and practice selfless love toward all. The Lord is love, His form is love, All beings

He is and Will be Present Forever

Rosa Lina Munoz was born in Bogota, Colombia (South America) in a very spiritual and loving family. She first set eyes on Sai Baba in February of 1996 and it changed her life. With

My Journey to Sai

Having taken birth in a Hindu family in Fiji, I was brought up worshipping many Gods and Goddesses. Thinking back, I recall that in the late 1960s someone had given my parents a picture

Our Roles

Many of us have celebrated numerous birthdays, and while we have blown out more and more candles on bigger cakes, our resolutions and wishes have `gone with the wind!’ Year after year we have

Face Inner & Outer Obstacles

Faith is very essential for the pilgrim on the spiritual Path. Man is now caught up in temporary and trivial preoccupations in the too short interval between birth and death, and he deceives himself

The Faith and the Ideal

To place one foot forward, man needs an inner urge, a purpose, a prompting. His will is moved by his wish. Therefore, man must endeavor to wish for higher and holier goals. His mind

One Flame, a Billion Lights

Bhagavan Baba has emphasized that we must enlighten ourselves by destroying our lower tendencies and celebrate the Deepavali festival. This year it falls on October 26th. In various parts of India, there are different

The Revelation

In this extraordinary revelatory address at the Sathya Sai organization’s first world conference four decades ago, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba categorically declares His Divinity and His sankalpa [determination] to establish Sanathana Dharma—eternal path—worldwide.