Monthly Archive: October 2011

The Faith and the Ideal

To place one foot forward, man needs an inner urge, a purpose, a prompting. His will is moved by his wish. Therefore, man must endeavor to wish for higher and holier goals. His mind

One Flame, a Billion Lights

Bhagavan Baba has emphasized that we must enlighten ourselves by destroying our lower tendencies and celebrate the Deepavali festival. This year it falls on October 26th. In various parts of India, there are different

The Revelation

In this extraordinary revelatory address at the Sathya Sai organization’s first world conference four decades ago, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba categorically declares His Divinity and His sankalpa [determination] to establish Sanathana Dharma—eternal path—worldwide.

Role of Unity & Diversity

Man’s primary aim should be to recognize the unity that underlies the diversity in the phenomenal world. To break up what is one into many pieces is easy. But it is difficult to bring

Ashrama Dharma

Q.  In this cosmos that is the human body, what is the best dharma [right action] to follow? Which ashrama is most conducive for that dharma? How many ashramas are there in all? A. 

An Emperor’s Taste

 Bhagavan Baba in the following short story shows us the importance of controlling the vagaries of the mind. The Emperor of Delhi, the famous Akbar, was melancholy and depressed. His empire was prosperous and safe