Monthly Archive: February 2013

The Divine Voice

An aura is present in everyone as lust, anger and greed, and as fear and grief, all of which are contrary to the nature of man. Just as one needs a waterproof umbrella to

Rama’s Throne

Remember that there is space for only one throne in your heart. You are inviting too many to occupy it or trying to make place for two thrones, one for Rama, and the other

Puttaparthi—From Corner to Centre

There are many sacred places all over the world which have become famous as the birthplace of a great Mahatma, a prophet, or the founder of a faith, or where the advent of the

In Our Inmost Heart

To write about Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is like trying to make an attempt to describe the infinite, unfathomable ocean of Godhead. Who dares to reveal the mysteries hidden beyond the grasp and

The Vibhuti Box

I received a letter from the Uttar Pradesh State Sai Samiti [center] President stating that I had been approved by Swami to be the teacher of the U. P. female students selected for the summer

From the Mouths of Children

Following are the excerpts from various Bal Vikas Children’s speeches given in the presence of Bhagavan Baba, in Bombay, in 1975. We are children of the Sai era. I wonder how empty our future would

The Three D’s

Bhagavan’s mission is to bring about a spiritual transformation, in order to save mankind from the abysmal depths of materialism into which it is blindly heading at present. His selfimposed task is to weed

God’s Residence

The more one loves one’s fellow beings, the greater would be the bliss that one enjoys. The more you love others, the happier you would be. Therefore, if you wish to be constantly happy,