Monthly Archive: November 2013

Your Birthday Gift

In this moving Divine discourse, Bhagavan Baba highlights the only gift He wants from his devotees for His 60th birthday: selfless service to the needy, suffering, and impoverished in all lands. You must be

Unity Based on Divinity

“Christmas is celebrated in innumerable centers in all parts of the globe, mostly by attending service in a church, followed by gala parties where people make merry with drinking and dining. It is only

Jealousy Has No Medicine

In the following interaction with students in the Poornachandra Auditorium, Swami gives valuable insight on what He expects from them. He elaborates on paropakara, to always possess the spirit of service to others, broadmindedness, not

His Pearls of Wisdom

Bhakta: Swami, tell me how we should, generally, conduct ourselves. What are the qualities we should possess? Which type of subjects should we try to understand? To receive the Divine grace and attain Your