Monthly Archive: April 2014

Live Up to Your Role

In this discourse to the service arm of His organization, Bhagavan Baba emphasizes seeing the Divine in the served as key to personal transformation. Divinity is present in everyone in an unmanifested form. All human

Swami, My Lord…

Swami, my Lord… How patiently You have waited for me… For many years I was ignorant of You Yet many more I have searched for You And when I have found my God in

He Transcends Laws of Science

Dr. S. Bhagavantham was the Director of All India Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. He additionally held the position of Scientific Advisor to the Ministry of Defence in New Delhi. The following story will speak for

The Race and the Prize

In this Divine discourse delivered nearly a half a century back, Bhagavan Baba urges us to visualize, seek, and merge in God—the ultimate prize in the race of life. Man’s life has a beginning and

From Narrow to the Broad Vision

Man is like a seed. The seed sprouts, becomes a sapling, grows into a tree, and fulfils its destiny, offering flowers and fruits to the world. So too, man rises from childhood through adolescence

Achieve Greatness in Life

Anil Kumar: Swami! Kindly tell us how to achieve greatness in life? Bhagavan: Never allow this sort of idea to get into your head. You are mistaken if you think that you have achieved