Monthly Archive: June 2014

Attain Enlightenment by Renouncing Desires

In a recent discourse, Bhagavan Baba enlightened the devotees on the underlying unity of beings and creation during the festival of Buddha Poornima. All the names and forms are but the manifestations of the

Understanding Ego and its Problems

Every day, we are required to identify ourselves. If we travel quite frequently we are asked to produce some legal form of identification such as a passport. If we buy something, we usually hand

Love Breaks All Rules

There used to be this charming little fast-food restaurant on Washington Street in Hoboken. It was the only place I’d been in for quite some time (and since) that still served chocolate sodas from a fountain. So, I

Food for Thought

I had the great blessing of spending about 10 days in Swami’s presence in India in late February this year. Although I never had an interview, His answers came to me. Persistence and patience

Dwelling in the Divine

It is indeed audacious to attempt to write on spiritual matters, especially on Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. What can be written is at best the echo of the immortal message that I have

What is Antahkarana

Bhakta: Off and on everything is a puppet show, Swami. The mind forgets and is caught by the fascination of the objects. What is this my-stery, Swami? Swami: Well, the mind is associated with