Monthly Archive: September 2014

Sanctified by Three Avatars

Bhagavan Baba, in this divine discourse on the holy day of Onam three decades ago, reminds the people of Kerala of the immense spiritual heritage that drew several divine incarnations to their soil, and

Why Fear?

Whenever we approach Bhagavan Baba with some anxiety or fear, doubt or worry, He assures us “Why fear when I am here?” This affirmation of His help and guidance, available for us when we

A Report on the 39th Annual Retreat of the Mid-Atlantic Region

From May 23rd to 26th, 2014, the Mid-Atlantic Region of the U.S. Sathya Sai Organization held its 39th Annual Retreat at Camp Westmont in Wayne County, PA, drawing nearly 900 devotees to the Memorial

Pilgrimage to Prashanti Nilayam

Following are the reflections of Rajen I Ghayal’s pilgrimage trip to Puttaparthi in 2010. He went with the USA Sai Pilgrimage Group II and has some wonderful experiences. When the dates for the two

Devotion & Darshan

Devotee: How can we progress in devotion? Sai Baba: There are different modes of devotion: that which foolishly weeps for Me when I am not physically present; that which surrenders to Me with wild

The Tongue

“Oh tongue, you are the one selected to enjoy the sweet taste; you speak truth that symbolizes sacrifice! You respect yourself and others. Without leaving your home, you attend to your work, without friendship