Monthly Archive: October 2014

For All Mankind

Sathya Sai Baba urges us to abide by the quintessential Vedic message—employ our body and mind to realize the pervasive Divinity in and around us. With just a few virtues but with scholarship vast  What

By the Grace of God

Because of a disturbing event, I tried time and time again to counter the action of a `superior.’ I tried often just to hand it over to Baba. I reasoned that it was His

Good and Bad

Sathya Sai’s discourse on a distant Deepawali day holds as good today: light the lamp within to destroy the negativities, and rejoice as God shines forth. The body is the temple where God dwells within,

Can Religion Survive?

The following article is from an essay by Ms. Rajeshwari Patel when she was a student at the Sathya Sai College at Anantapur. Presently she is a faculty member at the Anantapur campus of

Freedom & Prosperity

Gandhi said, ‘My India is the India of villages.’ The freedom that has been won, and the prosperity that is looked forward to can be ensured only when the villagers are free and prosperous.

The Sai Evolution

The history of civilization in most countries, with perhaps one exception, may be epitomized in one word, namely, ‘fear’. That fear has to do with losing one’s standard and security of life at a


The tongue tastes, the eye sees, the ear hears, the skin feels, and the nose smells, each sense acts thus throughout life, is it not? The senses have to be withdrawn from the external