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Four Steps

In this discourse delivered on a past birthday, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba urges us to strictly follow the ancient prescription laid down for different stages of life to attain mental peace and equanimity. Stages of

Jesus—The Embodiment of Compassion

Jesus opened up the possibilities for a relationship with God with perspectives not known previously in His land or His culture. In the time of Jesus, Israel had a temple-based system of worship, and

Oh Sai! 

  I long to know Thee better, day by day, I want to draw much closer when I pray, To listen more intently for Thy voice, To let the things Thou choosest be my

Glimpses of Baba

The following is an excerpt from an article published in Sanathana Sarathi in 1975. I was in the United States in September and October of 1974, visiting Sathya Sai Centers. The California newspaper, named

How to Develop Good Samskaras

Men are immersed in many activities and they are engaged in various undertakings. This is a well-known fact. They are so many in number that sometimes one may feel that the span of twenty-four