Yearly Archive: 2015

Who are you?

Sai: Who are you? Who are you? Hislop: I am the accumulation of all my past, all my ideas. Sai: Who is that ‘My’? Who is that ‘My’? Who is that ‘My’ who is

Everyone is a Son of God

He who is known as Allah by Muslims, As Jehovah by Christian aspirants, As the lotus‑eyed Lord by the worshippers of Vishnu, As Shambhu, by those who revere Shiva, Howsoever He is worshipped, He

Awake! Arise!

Bhagavan Baba in this divine discourse emphasizes that His birthday can be celebrated when we become aware of our atmic core and become repositories of holy thoughts and deeds. We can easily declare, “Not

Sai and Jesus

Al Drucker is a very old devotee of Bhagavan Baba. Following is an excerpt from his talk given in Bhagavan’s presence on Christmas day 1981 at the Poornachandra auditorium in Prasanthi Nilayam. Through God’s

Unity of Religions

What Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is saying is most relevant to the contemporary situation. There is at present a crisis looming in many spheres of modern life, not the least of which concern

Problems of humanity stem from this selfishness

Trees produce fruits for the enjoyment of others. Rivers carry water to meet the needs of others. Similarly, cows offer their milk to humans. However, man, forgetting that he has been endowed with a

The Brother Among Brothers

In this discourse, Bhagavan Baba holds the brotherly love and loyalty between Lord Rama and His brother Lakshmana as role models for modern youth. The ideal of brotherhood depicted in the Ramayana story is

Why be Healthy?

Bhagavan Baba, in this Divine discourse, emphasizes the efficacy of moderate food, simple hygienic habits, and repetition of God’s name as the royal road to robust mental and physical health—the pre-requisites needed to witness

Three Minutes Late…

Imagine a paradoxical situation wherein one gets caught up to decide between two odd ends. Many of us get into these kinds of situations often failing to handle the issue diplomatically. What would God

What Does God Seek From Us?

A Messiah’s Story This is probably one of my favorite stories. It is so full of intrigue and suspense in the beginning, yet so simple and profound in its ending. I have heard it