Monthly Archive: February 2015

The Power of Sacrifice

Question: Swami, we visit temples religiously. We go on pilgrimages occasionally. We continue to do our rituals and religious acts. But there is no cognizable change in our life‑pattern. Why is this so, Swami?

God & Grace

Grief and joy, and pain and pleasure alternate like the dark and bright fortnight by God’s decree, to foster equanimity and to lead man toward reality beyond both. If you do not attempt to transform yourself

Master of Time and Space

Sri Sathya Sai Baba is a modern wonder, through whom cosmic energies flow, and genuine miracles manifest. I first heard His name while taking part in a radio show, three years ago, in Long


Adi Sankaracharya, who undoubtedly occupies the foremost place of eminence and honor amongst the great vedantins [philosophers] and jnanis [sages] that Bharat [India] has produced, finally rea­lized in his later years that in this

Parva Nai

Although most of us know that Baba is Bhagavan [God] and nothing is impossible for Him; still, we like to hear about His mahimas (miracles), repeatedly marveling at them as if they were not

Shivaratri: Its Significance

To enlighten everyone that they are the atman (self) and not the body that is the material vesture of the atman is the purpose of the Mahashivaratri festival, says Bhagavan Baba in this Divine

Sri Sathya Sai—The Shiva

This is the 10th Birthday of the Sanathana Sarathi. It is the form of the eternal words, the nitya [everlasting] the vibhu [the supreme Lord], of the Sanathana Sarathi [eternal charioteer] who is eternal.