Monthly Archive: June 2015

 Our Sai Ma

I am grateful knowing… I can count on your strength Ask for your support, and know you’ll go to any length When I lose my way You help me get back on track When

Combine Morals with Business

“If you businessmen live according to right principles, all the corruption in the country can be ended in a moment,” observed Bhagavan Baba, in a powerful exhortation to a vast gathering of businessmen at

Shadow of the Absolute

While proceeding along the road, you can watch your shadow falling on mud or dirt, hollow or mound, thorn or sand, and wet or dry patches of land. You are unaffected by the fate

The Fifth Root

This universe has been described in the Gita [the celestial song] as the Sanathana Vriksha [eternal tree], the infinitely spreading Ashwattha [sacred] tree, its roots being in the higher regions, its branches spread in

From the Garden of the Heart

Man has to progress every moment; a stagnant style of living does not befit him. How long could we tolerate a boy staying in the same class at school? He must proceed from one