Monthly Archive: July 2015

The Royal Road to God

In this divine discourse on the holy Onam day, Bhagavan Baba urges the sole purpose of man on earth—uniting with God as Emperor Bali did. This year Onam festival falls on August 28th. This

Body is not the Real Self

Dahyati iti dehah—That which is burnt is called the body. This is the derivative meaning of the word deha (body). It is a matter of common knowledge that the body is burnt after death. But even

Prayer of Surrender

Why get agitated? Let Me take care of all your business. I shall be the one who will think about them. I am waiting for nothing else than your surrender to Me, and then


In September 2008, a devastating flood ravaged 2,500 villages in the coastal state of Odisha. Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba announced that He would build 1,000 houses to rehabilitate the distressed and marooned families.

The Spring of Joy

Bhagavan Baba calls on all to understand our divine origin through steady spiritual discipline and guidance from the divine guru, in this discourse delivered half a century ago on Guru Poornima day. This is