Monthly Archive: September 2015

Secure Lord’s Grace

The supreme message of the life of the Avatars is the uniqueness of the Love Principle. This message is all that the world needs. Lord Krishna is an embodiment of love. It is strong,

Part of the Task

“Death came with a dagger to kill Dada; but I struggled with him and brought him down. Now, Dada is safe.” “Death attempted to snatch Dada Saheb away; but I did not let him,”

Sai Krishna

It is said that when Lord Krishna as a boy, with His enchanting flute, was with the gopis on the banks of the Yamuna, soon the gopis felt that each one of them had

Washing His Feet – A Divine Moment

Following is a narration of the experience of Rajen I Ghayal, Anchorperson and Coordinator, Sathya Sai International Organization (SSIO). He had been conducting various relief, recovery (rehabilitation), and transformation service projects for one and

Devotion is the Panacea

In this divine discourse on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, Bhagavan Baba reveals the secret to the presence of the Divine: devotee’s love has to flow as a pure selfless stream. God is without

Who are you?

Sai: Who are you? Who are you? Hislop: I am the accumulation of all my past, all my ideas. Sai: Who is that ‘My’? Who is that ‘My’? Who is that ‘My’ who is

The Cowherds of Gokula

Bhagavan Baba encourages devotees to consider the Lord as one’s own close family, and His work as one’s personal labor in this touching discourse delivered a half-a-century back on the holy Janmashtami day. It