Yearly Archive: 2016

Where to Find God

Today people try to find God in religions. God is to be found not in religions but in your own mind (heart). It is only when the mind is controlled and purified that God

Listening to the Inner Voice

It is something Swami has said more than once, “I have very few real devotees.” These words have challenged us to the depth of our souls, for their mere proclamation suggests that being a


There are many people who are not aware of even the meaning of the word, prashanti. It is as the backbone to each individual, and for the sadhaka (spiritual aspirant) it is as the

A Human Tribute from a Grateful Devotee

The 23rd day of November is regarded as the birthday of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. It is only natural that a large number of devotees desire to celebrate the same with silent adoration

Officer and Peon

Once upon a time, there lived two friends in a village. They often went on long journeys together. One of them had a horse, and so he always rode from place to place. The

Give the Giver the Gift

In the following discourse on His birthday in 1968, Swami promises: I am yours, you are Mine, forever and ever. What need is there for attracting and impressing, for demonstrating your love or My

Rama’s Attitude to Kaikeyi

Question: Swami, Kaikeyi had sent Rama to the wilderness on the eve of his installation as the crown prince. What was Rama’s attitude to her? Generally, it would be one of hostility, wouldn’t it?


Following is an excerpt from a discourse by Bhagavan Baba on the occasion of Deepavali, the festival of lights. Deepavali means “the array of lights.” “Tamasoma jyotirgamaya” [lead me from darkness to light] is

The Role of Religion

The word generally used for religion is mata; the word to indicate the mind is mati. Putting the two together it can be said that mata is primarily engaged or ought to be engaged

Achieve Nil Balance

During a Dassara festival, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba spoke about the benefits and the significance of the various rituals and programs conducted during the holy week. You will find that the Dassara Program