Monthly Archive: May 2016

The Greatest Gift of Life

The 9th of December in 1986 dawned as usual in Puttaparthi. The senior boys’ hostel was bustling with hectic activity, as they got ready for the classes. Among them was Mr. V. Kumar, an

Problems of the Sadhaka

In the following discourse, on Eashwaramma day, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba says that man has a choice of two paths: when involved, he is confronted by six internal foes, and when non-involved, he

Swami Speaks About Tapas

Q. What exactly is tapas [penance], Swami? A. It means the end of the activities of the senses; one must be the master of all of them. There should be no trace of craving

What is Freedom?

People in general cannot understand what spirituality is and what individual freedom is. Spirituality does not mean living in solitude, far away from society. On the other hand, true spirituality consists in sowing the