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Hindu Rites

Hislop: Swami, on the road to Simla, drivers were very reckless in trying to stay close behind Swami’s car. At one moment, our car, which was going at a high speed, swerved to miss

Proteinosi Alveolare

In its March 1981 issue, ‘Genie’ [People], a very popular Italian monthly published in Milan, printed an illustrated article on Baba’s Life and Message from the Italian journalist, Renzo Alleghri. The following excerpt narrates

Uprooting of Impulses    

Of all the workshops of the world, the workshop of the body is the most wonderful because it is the tabernacle of the Lord. In such a factory, the impulses are sublimated into vows,

Laali To Our Lovely

Laali to our Lovely!          Laali, O how Jolly! They are singing lullaby; And do you sleep, my baby? Is not work Thy hobby Like a humming honeybee? How can you

Rama the Ideal

Mankind has progressed much in exploiting the material resources of the earth to promote the standard of life. But neither the individual nor the society has learnt the way to inner peace and contentment.

Fulfilling DUTY (Dharma)

‘Dharma’ is a powerful Sanskrit word streamlining the way and philosophy of life. There is solely a book entitled ‘Dharma Vahini’ by our beloved Swami, Sathya Sai. Numerous discourses of Swami touch upon this

The Inner Yajna

Swami, in His discourse on one of the ten days of worship during the festival of Dasara,describes the significance of yajnas [sacrificial rites]. According to Him, they not only benefit the people who perform them,