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His Children

Our wonderful Lord is so great There is none whom He will hate By following him, we His children Shall surely prosper in life’s long run. His powers are so great His word makes

Delay No More

I am the water of life, Come to Me in the fullness of your mortality And fill your cup and drink the Water of immortality. I shall cleanse you, and purify you. I shall

Baba is Everything

To me Baba is everything; I am but insignificant thing; I write because He holds my pen; He alone sings and teaches all men. I echo when He sings or talks; I am nothing

The Lord’s Footsteps

Last night I had a dream, I dreamt I was walking on the sands with the Lord Himself, and on the screen of the night I saw like in a movie, all the days

Sai Fairytale

Teach me the language of Love, Sai Krishna fragrant verses flow from the rose of Your heart kissing awake each dreaming petal Speak the unifying, angelic tongue that every fragment, consonant, and syllable of

Laali To Our Lovely

Laali to our Lovely!          Laali, O how Jolly! They are singing lullaby; And do you sleep, my baby? Is not work Thy hobby Like a humming honeybee? How can you

Thoughts Are Things

Hari I am watching my thoughts, feelings, and actions Are they clear, translucent, pure upward-moving, virtuous, loving inspiring, faithful, joyful, warm Satwic peaceful panorama quiet, unruffled lake, a crystal window pane through which all

The Birth of our Beloved

Before Kali Yuga started, sweet Lord Krishna oft proclaimed “To this Earth again will I be born, when it is steeped in shame.” And thus it was so written, on the Gita’s golden page “For

 Our Sai Ma

I am grateful knowing… I can count on your strength Ask for your support, and know you’ll go to any length When I lose my way You help me get back on track When

Oh Sai! 

  I long to know Thee better, day by day, I want to draw much closer when I pray, To listen more intently for Thy voice, To let the things Thou choosest be my