Q & A with Bhagavan Archive

Peace of Mind

Visitor: Swami’s gifts are beautiful, but what if one only wants peace of mind? Sai: Only thoughts of God and intense love for Him bring peace. As worldly thoughts diminish, thoughts of God increase.

Be At Peace with Yourself

Bhakta: When there is no peace of mind where can one get rest? Swami: Well my boy, rest is for the sake of peace of mind. Once you have that peace, where is the

The Power of Sacrifice

Question: Swami, we visit temples religiously. We go on pilgrimages occasionally. We continue to do our rituals and religious acts. But there is no cognizable change in our life‑pattern. Why is this so, Swami?

Destiny and Karma

Bhakta: What is the use of confidence and hope when one is not destined? Hope will only cause greater disappointment. Swami: Has destiny a shape and a personality so that you can recognize it

Devotion & Darshan

Devotee: How can we progress in devotion? Sai Baba: There are different modes of devotion: that which foolishly weeps for Me when I am not physically present; that which surrenders to Me with wild

Faith in Swami

Hislop: This morning in the taxi from the airport, even the driver had a marvellous experience of Swami’s leelas [divine plays]. And, the Bombay airport officers told other miraculous stories about happenings in their

What is Antahkarana

Bhakta: Off and on everything is a puppet show, Swami. The mind forgets and is caught by the fascination of the objects. What is this my-stery, Swami? Swami: Well, the mind is associated with

Achieve Greatness in Life

Anil Kumar: Swami! Kindly tell us how to achieve greatness in life? Bhagavan: Never allow this sort of idea to get into your head. You are mistaken if you think that you have achieved

Function of Jnana

Q.  You have been saying that jnana [knowledge] is essential;  what exactly is the function of jnana? A.  Jnana makes you realize the atmaswarupa, that is to say, your own reality. Q.  And yoga

End of Kali Yuga

A Visitor: Does Kali Yuga [Iron Age] still continue?  Sai: Yes. Visitor: Because in America several books say Kali Yuga has ended and another is in force. Sai: No. Before the Kali Yuga ends,