Sai Baba’s Letters Archive

I Will Not Let Go the Grasp

Swami wrote this letter to a great Vedic scholar who had, in distress caused by perceived neglect, started deploring his fate and losing even the strength to pray to Baba, whom he adored. This

Sai is Always With You

Accept My love and blessings. I lit the lamp of love, inside of you. I lit the fire within you, to feed the rage of lust, of greed, of anger. Bound by strings of

Best Way to Self-realize

My Dears, You will find truth deep within yourself. Think about it many times; ponder over it, it tells you about your true nature. It gives you hope, it gives you new life, it

Life is a Business

My Dears! Accept my blessings and love. The fruit is sweet even if the rind can be bitter. For, after all, it is the juice of the orange and the sugar content of the

A Letter from Swami

My Dears, Sai is love. He is compassion and kindness itself. He is ever dwelling in the hearts of you all. To trust Him means freedom from all anxiety, fear, and doubts. He is

We Bow to You, Oh Lord!

No matter where you go, always do your duty as you see it and know that I will be there inside you, guiding you every step of the way. In the years to come,

Who is a Sai Devotee?

Following is an extraordinary letter Bhagavan Baba wrote to a devotee wherein Swami enumerates the qualities one should cultivate to become His devotee. We should regard these words as our life breath. Moksha [liberation] is

Letters to the Boys

Dear Boys, Let every human being remake himself. Let us understand that we live not for money making, not for fulfilling our wants, not for scholarly and intellectual pursuits, but for spiritual development. Effects

The Gopis’ Pure Love

January 8, 1976 My dear Boys, Accept my love, really, there is no comparison to gopis’ love. Their love stands alone, above every other kind of devotion. When Krishna left Brindavan and went to

My Task is This

In the following letter, written when He was about 20 years of age, Sri Sathya Sai consoles a devotee who was anguished by criticism against Baba. Bhagavan points out that divine beings are unaffected