Delay No More

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I am the water of life,
Come to Me in the fullness of your mortality
And fill your cup and drink the
Water of immortality.

I shall cleanse you, and purify you.
I shall quench your thirst and fill you with the fullness of My love.
I shall energize you. Like the dam that generates electricity and light,
I shall turn you on to radiate like the sun.
Like the coolness of the moon, I shall fill your days with the cool waters of peace and tranquility.

I am the breath of life, I come and go singing the song of Oneness, “Soham”, from birth to death.
I am the food that nourishes as I travel through the intricate, circuitous network of the body.
I am in the seen and unseen cells. I am in the smallest and biggest organs.
You are water, too, but you proclaim your mortality. I proclaim: “I am the waters of immortality.’

Your eyes cannot behold My vastness even as you look into the distant shores. I am infinite.
Your mind cannot comprehend My depth, I am fathomless,
The immensity of My vastness ramifies into riverbeds, streams, and lakes like a million limbs.
Yet, I am beginningless. Endless.

I move on from day to day, from season to season, in and through the substrata of My creation.
I fall from the heavens and mountaintops into streams and valleys, and into the farthest corners, quenching the parched souls of all creation.
I play and dance with the wind, I come and go.
I am here and there. I am everywhere.

In different shapes and forms you see Me, but you do not recognize My essence.
I am the dewdrops of early morn, and the showers that gently fall.
I, too, am the rain that comes loud and strong in torrents when the monsoon tolls.
I fall gracefully from the clouds as soft, crystalline flakes to become sleet, hail, or snow.
In winter I freeze and harden. In spring I change form and flow again.

I follow the cycles of nature. I am nature.
I am that which flows and pulsates. I am life.
I am that which gives abundantly, endlessly. I am love.
I create and guide the destinies of men and of all nations. I am omnipotent.
I know the thoughts and emotions that play in man’s mind and body. I am omniscient.
I am near and far. Above and around. Within and without everywhere, I am omnipresent.
I have no age. I trace no birth or death. I am ancient. Beginningless. Endless.
I am the water of life.
I am eternal.

Come, my child, delay no more. Hasten your steps.
I have come back for you. Take hold of Me now and surrender, at My Lotus Feet, the mortal chains that bind you life after life.
And fill your cup and drink of the waters that flow but never end.
It shall fill you with My essence: Love, joy, peace and bliss.
And liberate you into immortality.
This is your destiny.

 ~Valen B. Patacsil, Miami, Florida
Source: Sanathana Sarathi, Jan. 1986