The Interview

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In the following anecdote, Sathya Sai Baba reveals the inner meaning of an interview [defined in para 1]. When we see Him inside us is when we enter-in-view of Him, He says.

Many people come to Baba craving for an interview [personal audience] with Him. Many imagine that it is possible, as with dignitari-es, to schedule the time, place, date, and duration of the interview, even before they depart their homes. The word interview is generally used for the direct personal talk that Baba in His mercy vouchsafes to persons whom He chooses from among those who have come into His presence. And so people have to wait patiently for the chance of being blessed by Him with the interview.

Baba once asked a devotee, “Do you know what the real meaning of interview is?” The devotee said, “I have been waiting since long and I haven’t yet got one; that is all that I know about its meaning.” “Oh, is that so!” exclaimed Baba, as if He was surprised at the plight of the devotee. He added, “But, do you know that I have been granting you the interview everyday? It is you who is not giving Me an interview!”

The devotee was puzzled! He was struck dumb. He did not know what to say, how to react, except in utter bewilderment. “Do you know what the real meaning of inter-view is?” Baba repeated, “You claim you have been waiting since long for the interview. But, I have been waiting patiently; waiting hopefully; waiting for centuries that you would give Me your interview! Inter-view really means enter-in-view. The view visualized when you enter in, not when you wander outside. Of course, when you have viewed Me in you, you will not fail to view Me outside you also.”

—Shiv Pandit
Source: Sanathana Sarathi, Oct. 1974