Monthly Archive: April 2002

The Law of Karma is Invincible

In the following discourse, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba explains how not only humans, but Gods, too, have to go through the consequences of karma [past actions]. He spoke to students during a workshop

Advice to Seekers

In this discourse given by Sai Baba on Good Friday in 1975, He strongly admonishes seekers to stop searching for God outside themselves and o work on practice and transformation within. If somebody says

Question and Answer

Do you know for certain and can you answer me Why were you supplied with a pair of shining eyes? “To look at all I see,” No! No! To visualize the One on lofty

The Story of a True Devotee

Sai Baba draws a parallel here between the spiritual efforts of Sabari, an ardent devotee of Lord Rama, and the work of teachers. But the analogy applies equally to all who yearn for divine

Pranava Prasad

It was a holy time, the sacred week bet-ween Palm Sunday and Easter. It was also the  beginning of Holi, the Hindu festival. The Jewish Passover was within a day or two. For me,

Do Not Judge

This parable told by Swami in Chinna Katha narrates an incident that happened when Sri Rama was engaged in a fierce battle against demon Ravana at Lanka. One day, when the battle for the

Small Teachings

There is no scar on the sky, although clouds and stars, the sun and the moon, all appear to streak across it. So, let a thousand ideas streak across the mind; but let it

Fun With Sai

Deprived Area An Italian devotee was kissing Baba’s feet so enthusiastically that He said, “Hey! Leave some for Me!” Playing with… A devotee suggested to Baba that He had the power to solve all


Devotee:  Swami, I have a few doubts concerning the subject of dhyana (Meditation) which You are now writing about. Can I ask You? Swami:  Of course, you can ask and have your doubts removed.