Monthly Archive: September 2002

The Vinayaka Principle

The more you rub a piece of sandalwood on a grindstone, the greater the fragrance it emits. As you chew a piece of sugarcane, the more you chew the greater the sweet juice you get

Small Teachings

Your body is a boat that can take you across the sea of illusion, of false multiplicity. Keep it trim ’till this is achieved. Keep it light and bright. Don’t add to its weight

Prasna Upanishad—Answers to the First Student’s Questions

Trees bear fruit for the benefit of others. Rivers flow to help others. Cows give milk in the interest of others. This body has been given to serve others.  Trees do not eat their

Shirdi Baba’s First Miracle

Bhagawan has captured our attention with many a story of Shirdi Baba’s life. Here He narrates the circumstances in which Shirdi Baba performed his first miracle as a young lad of ten years. God

If I Could Ask Swami…

The children at the Flushing Center SSE class were asked to respond to the following question:  If you should happen to see or speak with Swami, what would you say to Him? These are their responses:

Fun With Sai

Gift Plot One day, Baba told a story about a King of Nepal who was well known for granting free gifts of land. One greedy man wanted to get a gift of land from

Healthy Bodies

What are the main causes of ill health? Millions of living beings grouped as species dwell on the earth; they sustain themselves by means of food secured from nature, as provided by nature. It