Monthly Archive: February 2006

Atom of Majesty

Bhagavan Baba clarifies the symbolism behind His manifesting the lingam on the holy night of Shivaratri [on February 26 this year].  In the ensuing discourse, Baba emphasizes that His mission to establish righteousness on the earth

Holy Shivaratri

The following parable, from the Skanda Purana [Hindu scripture], of the hunter and the four deer highlights the fundamental requisite for devotion—keeping one’s word and worship of the Divine. These two acts draw the grace of

Love, Light, and Delight

Sunam Gyamtso, a former student of the Sathya Sai Institute, shares his thoughts and says that we are looking for miracles of materializations and forgetting the creator Himself who is the greatest miracle amongst


Eight planets in a row! O the brilliant show! (Some killjoy says, they are not eight, but seven But, yet, the row is grand! )… Magnificent, rare! It happens once in a thousand years

A Sanyasin’s Stay at Puttaparthi

The following anecdote related by professor Kasturi, one of Sathya Sai Baba’s closest devotees and His official biographer, gives us a little peek into Bhagavan’s Divinity and His omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence. Two years

Sai Gospel and the Quran

The subtlest, strongest relationship in life is between God and man. This is confirmed by modern Jungian psychology, though the Divine is termed and alluded to as the Self. Yet, in the external glamour

Clutches of Maya

When you wish to overcome a powerful enemy, you have to get the help of someone more powerful than your enemy. To overcome the power of maya (the delusion that subjects man to the

Was Krishna Partial

Question: Swami, we lack adequate knowledge of many important things. We have only a partial view of divinity. Hence, we tend to ignore the reality and are prone to doubt divinity. It is our misfortune